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How to reset the ias_admin password (초강추)

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Applies to: Enterprise Manager Grid Control - Version: to
Information in this document applies to any platform.
GoalUnable to login with the ias_admin account as a different password was specified as part of the Grid Control installation for user ias_admin . Is there a way to change the password in 10g as was in 9i using emctl set password newpassword for user ias_admin?
Please follow this steps:
1.- If the Grid Control is up, issue the "opmnctl stopall" command & ensure all iAS components are
1.1 Then issue the "emctl stop iasconsole" command.
2.- Backup the jazn-data.xml file:

cd $OMS_HOME/sysman/j2ee/config/
cp jazn-data.xml jazn-data.xml.OLD

3.- Edit the jazn-data.xml file using vi editor and locate the line that defines the credentials
property for use the ias_admin user:

$ vi jazn-data.xml

4.- The following example shows the section of jazn-data.xml with the credentials entry in
boldface type:


5.- Remove the entire line that contains the <credentials> property from jazn-data.xml, save the
file and quit the vi editor.

6.- Reset the ias_admin password for EM Control Console:

$OMS_HOME/bin/emctl set password reset <new password>

7.- Start the iAS Console:

$OMS_HOME/bin/emctl start iasconsole

7.1 - Start all the OPMN processes

"opmnctl startall"

8.- Go the Grid Control 10g iAS Console URL and authenticate with ias_admin user and the new

ALTERNATIVELY: Login as Sysman & go to the Targets->Application Servers Web Page to Administer the
Application Servers.

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