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  작성자   : 조성환 [ ladmin ] 추천: 3250, 수정: 2, 조회: 8489, 줄수: 43, 분류: Etc.
recommended patch 시 passcode 를 물을때 해결방법

recommended patch 시 솔라리스 10 버전인 경우에는 passcode를 입력하도록 요구하므로 다음과 같은 파일을 삭제하고 진행하시면 됩니다.

만약 해당 파일을 삭제하지 않고 그냥 진행한 경우에 passcode에 newboot라 입력하시면 됩니다.

(안넘어갈경우는 해당 파일을 삭제하거나 이름을 변경하시면 넘어갑니다.)

[test:/10_x86_Recommended_2007-11-21] #   ./install_cluster

Patch cluster install script for Solaris 10_x86 Recommended Patch Cluster

    Special handling may be required for some of the patches in
    this cluster.  Please refer to the CAUTION section in the
    cluster README for further instructions on how to proceed.

    This section also contains a passcode that will need to be
    provided below to allow the install_cluster script to continue

    Please enter passcode:
Passcode is incorrect; exiting.

[test:/10_x86_Recommended_2007-11-21] #   mv install_cluster_question  install_cluster_question_org

[test:/10_x86_Recommended_2007-11-21] #   ./install_cluster
   Are you ready to continue with install? [Y/n]: y
   Determining if sufficient save space exists...
   Using patch_order file for patch installation sequence

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2007/11/30(22:43) from
CrazyWWWBoard 2000

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