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  작성자   : 조성환 [ ladmin ] 추천: 7770, 수정: 2, 조회: 21641, 줄수: 233, 분류: Etc.
sun explorer (Sun Data Collector) 설치 및 사용 방법 (강추)

* 익스플로러 패키지 설치 확인

#  pkginfo -l SUNWexplo

     NAME:  Sun(TM) Explorer Data Collector
 CATEGORY:  application
     ARCH:  all
  VERSION:  5.9,REV=2007.
  BASEDIR:  /opt
   VENDOR:  Sun Microsystems Inc.
     DESC:  System Information gatherer for Sun
   PSTAMP:  moshpit20070618211135
 INSTDATE:  11월 28 2007 15:16
  HOTLINE:  Please contact your local service provider
   STATUS:  설치 완료
    FILES:      173 설치된 경로 이름
                 16 디렉토리
                116 실행 가능
               9288 블록이 사용됨 (추정치)

* 익스플로러 데이터 gathering 방법

#  cd /opt/SUNWexplo/bin

#  ./explorer  -w default , fru  (만약 실행이 되지 않을경우 explorer 만 치시면 됩니다.)

     gathering이 되고나면 /opt/SUNWexplo/output 에 정보가 남습니다.


아래는 설치 방법과 사용 예 입니다.

Explorer installation

download site : http://www.wowunix.com/down/set/explorer_sun/

1. uncompress this file.

#  uncompress SunExplorer.tar.Z

#  tar xf SunExplorer.tar

2.install the program

#  pkgadd -d .

다음과 같은 패키지를 사용할 수 있습니다.

1 SUNWexplo Sun(TM) Explorer Data Collector (all) 4.3.1,REV=2004.
2 SUNWexplu Sun(TM) Explorer Data Collector Config Files (all) 4.3.1,REV=2004.
처리할 패키지(들)를 선택하십시오.(또는 모든 패키지를처리하려면'all'을 입력하십시오.) (default: all) [?,??,q]:
-> input all

1 SUNWexplo Sun(TM) Explorer Data Collector (all) 4.3.1,REV=2004.
2 SUNWexplu Sun(TM) Explorer Data Collector Config Files (all) 4.3.1,REV=2004.
처리할 패키지(들)를 선택하십시오.(또는 모든 패키지를처리하려면'all'을 입력하십시오.) (default: all) [?,??,q]:
->input q

3. excute explorer configuration .
#  cd /opt/SUNWexplo/bin
[test:/] #   explorer -g


Sun Microsystems, Inc. respects your desire for privacy. Personal information
collected from this form will not be shared with organizations external to Sun
without your consent, except to process data on Sun's behalf in connection with
this transaction. We will use your personal information for communications
regarding Sun equipment and service related topics associated with the data

Sun, as a global company, may transfer your personal information to countries
which may not provide an adequate level of protection. Sun, however, is
committed to providing a suitable & consistent level of protection for your
personal information regardless of the country in which it resides.

Completing the form below implies agreement with the above processing.

If you have any questions please refer to the Sun Privacy Policy or contact us
at privacy@sun.com. Note that entry of personal information into Explorer is

If you have any questions about this form or in the future wish to update or
delete any of the information provided, please contact explorer-privacy@sun.com


Absolute path name for Explorer defaults file?

Company name []: wowunix  <-- 아무거나
Contract ID []:
System (test, 28e109c9) serial number []: 0735BE2891  <-- 장비 Serian Number
Contact name []:
Contact email address []:
Phone number []:
Address (line 1) []:
Address (line 2) []:
City []:
State []:
Zip []:

Please select your geo from this list -


Please enter the two character Country code or enter ? for a list of countries.
[]:kr  <-- 대한민국 (korea)
KR  Korea, Republic of

Automatic Submission
At the completion of explorer, all output may be sent to Sun
or alternate destinations.

Target: https://supportfiles.sun.com/curl
Send explorer output via HTTPS if -P is specified?
[y,n] n

Target: explorer-database-apac@sun.com
Send explorer output via Email if -e is specified?
[y,n] n

If -e is specified, would you like all explorer output to be sent to
alternate email addresses? If yes, enter the email addresses here (separate
multiple entries with a comma ',').
If not, enter only a single "-" for your reply.
[]: -

Return address for explorer email output []:

Email notification when explorer data is uploaded.
If you would like to be notified by email when your explorer output
is uploaded into the repository, enter the email address here.
If notification is not needed, enter a single "-".
[]: -

You have answered:
              Company name: wowunix
               Contract ID:

      System serial number: 0735BE2891

              Contact name:
     Contact email address:
              Phone number:
          Address (line 1):
          Address (line 2):
                   Country: Korea, Republic of
              Country Code: KR

                 Geography: APAC
            Post output to:
        HTTPS proxy server:
            Mail output to:
          Mail output from:
         Mail on data load:
     Are these values okay?
[y,n] y

Do you wish to schedule explorer in cron? [y,n] n

11월 29 05:12:25 test[3239] explorer: Explorer defaults file updated.
11월 29 05:12:25 test[3239] explorer: Please run <explorer_install_directory>/bin/explorer with options to collect data.

4. excute explorer

#  cd /opt/SUNWexplo/bin

* Workgroup 이하: #  explorer -w default,fru

* SF3x00~SE6x00 :
- Admin console(SC에 연결된시스템) : #  explorer -w default,scextended,fru
- Domain : #  explorer

* SF12K~ 25K :
- Main SC에서 : #  explorer -w default,fru
- Secondary SC : #  explorer
- Domain : #  explorer

->ignore WARNING message.
-> it need 5~10 minute depend on system.
sometime take over 30 minute. please wait.


#  cd  /opt/SUNWexplo/output

#  ls -l

-r--------   1 root     root          11 11월 28일  15:34 .explastrun
drwxr-xr-x  19 root     root         512 11월 28일  15:34 explorer.80b02926.www-2007.
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root     2377702 11월 28일  15:34 explorer.80b02926.www-2007.

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